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Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage

Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage - How to prevent?

Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage - Treatments

​Surgery is recommended if a patient's functions like mobility are affected.

If functions are not affected, regular CT scans can be ordered to monitor the condition.

During the surgery, a small opening or holes will be created in the skull to drain fluid. In some cases, a tube may be inserted for one to two days to continue draining the fluid post-surgery.

After the surgery, patients must lie at for 24 to 48 hours for the brain to expand. Most can be discharged within a week and rehabilitation can be arranged if needed.

CSDH may recur in up to 30% of cases and repeat surgery may be required.

Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage - Preparing for surgery

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