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Achondroplasia - How to prevent?

Achondroplasia - Treatments

Can achondroplasia be cured?

In the past, there was no known cure for achondroplasia or way to reverse its effects.

Voxzogo (vosoritide) is a drug that has been introduced to treat achondroplasia, which was approved in 2021. It has been shown to improve annual growth rate in children with achondroplasia and promote proportional growth.

How is achondroplasia managed?

The multidisciplinary medical team looking after your child will be able to address specific medical concerns and related health issues.

Below are some related medical issues and how they can be managed:

Medical issue Treatment
Middle ear dysfunction
  • Pressure-equalising (tympanostomy) tubes to reduce infections and avoid hearing loss
Obstructive sleep apnoea and/or restrictive pulmonary disease
  • Evaluation with a sleep study and/or lung function test
  • Use of oxygen supplementation and support
Kyphosis and spinal stenosis
  • Surgical intervention in severe cases to reduce pressure on the spinal cord
  • Ventriculoperitoneal shunting to reduce pressure on the brain
Craniocervical junction constriction
  • Decompression surgery to reduce pressure on the spinal cord
  • Healthy eating and staying active

Achondroplasia - Preparing for surgery

Achondroplasia - Post-surgery care

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