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Tuberculosis - Treatments

Latent tuberculosis treatment is usually with a single drug, and administered for a few months, the duration is dependent on the medication selected.

Active tuberculosis, however, needs to be treated with a combination of anti-tuberculosis medications. Treatment duration is prolonged and may run from 6 months or longer depending on the severity, site of the infection as well as the selection of medications used for the treatment of tuberculosis. Lung infection is usually treated for 6 months. The medications are taken orally once a day. During treatment, the physician will be closely monitoring the patient for any medication related side effects such as drug allergy, liver inflammation, kidney impairment or suppression of blood counts. As treatment course is prolonged, patients need to be reminded to be compliant to daily medications to prevent the development of treatment failure or drug resistant tuberculosis. 

When you are on tuberculosis medications, you need to inform your doctors of other medications that you are taking due to the possibility of drug interactions. 

Tuberculosis - Preparing for surgery

Tuberculosis - Post-surgery care

Tuberculosis - Other Information

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