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Changi Simulation Institute (CSI)

CSI Leadership

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Changi General Hospital, Main Building, Level 1


The Changi Simulation Institute (CSI), housed within Changi General Hospital, is an integrated simulation training centre that enables inter-professional healthcare training safely and efficiently through realistic clinical training scenarios with medical and simulation equipment. CSI was officially opened on 23 November 2012 by former President Dr Tony Tan.

CSI features simulation laboratories which can be converted to replicas of different clinical care areas such as the operating theatre, intensive care unit and general wards. Each lab is equipped with high definition cameras to record the simulation training process, a two-way audio and visual-streaming system, and high-fidelity manikins that mimics patients’ physiological responses to stress and illnesses, offering increased realism in the training scenarios. The integrated audio-visual system is wired into key training areas which allow real-time playback capabilities for facilitators, trainees and observers to maximise learning with immediate feedback and effective reinforcements.

Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and other healthcare professionals undergo inter-professional training for scenarios ranging from critical care procedures to emergency resuscitation, developed in line with a robust curriculum to teach and learn in a safe, simulated environment. Teamwork and communication, crucial in real-life medical scenarios, are also key aspects in the simulation curriculum.

CSI has achieved full accreditation by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), in the United States of America, the leading healthcare simulation accreditation body in the world.

SingHealth Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) Vision

To be an international leader in the delivery of comprehensive, multidisciplinary, multi-modality and inter-professional simulation-based training and research.

Changi Simulation Institute (CSI) Mission

Enhancing Patient Safety with Education, Research, and Quality Improvement through inter-professional Clinical Simulation.


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CSI Leadership

Dr Elaine Tan Ching Ching

Dr Elaine Tan Ching Ching


Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Clin Asst Prof Jansen Koh Meng Kwang

Clin Asst Prof Jansen Koh Meng Kwang


Specialty: Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine