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Changi Simulation Institute

The Changi Simulation Institute (CSI) is an integrated simulation training centre that enables healthcare professionals to train safely and efficiently through realistic training scenarios, while experiencing a wide range of clinical situations.

Housed within Changi General Hospital (CGH), the CSI features simulation laboratories which can be converted to replicas of different clinical care areas such as the operating theatre, intensive care unit and general wards. Each is equipped with HD cameras to record the simulation training process, two-way audio and visual-streaming system and high-fidelity manikins that mimics patients’ physiological responses to stress and illnesses and create a realistic clinical scenario.

The integrated audio-visual system is wired into the key training areas and allows real-time playback capabilities. Thus, the facilitators, trainees and observers can maximise learning with immediate feedback and effective reinforcements.

The CSI enables healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to train in various scenarios from critical care procedures, to emergency resuscitation in a safe and familiar environment. Teamwork and communication as well as crucial real-life medical scenarios can also be improved during simulation training.

CSI provides training courses in:

  1. Task training to improve core competency in specific skill sets for healthcare workers. Examples include IV cannulation, BCLS, intubation, central venous catheter and chest tube insertion, and lumbar puncture for epidural.
  2. Team integration and crew resource management, which facilitates seamless integration of a healthcare team.

For more information about CSI and the courses that we offer, please email