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  • Provide consultation, training and counselling services to build human resilience, enhance emotional support during crisis and improve mental health literacy at the workplace.
  • Conduct research on human resilience to develop practice-informed training for organisations.
  • Collaborate with industries, both local and overseas, to customise and equip them with sustainable solutions to build organisational resilience.

Resilience in the Workplace and Community

  • Traumatic events, critical incidents and disasters are unpredictable. They cause disruption to business operations, social activities and can psychologically impact employees and the community.
  • To survive, rebound and thrive, businesses and communities need to develop their capability and capacity to be resilient, and continue to operate and function even during a crisis.
  • The Resistance, Resilience and Recovery model is an outcome-driven continuum of care recommended by John Hopkins Centre for Public Health Preparedness.
  • CGH TRaCS adopts the John Hopkins 3R recommendation to help our workforce and community by creating resistance, enhancing their resilience and speeding their recovery.