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About Us

The Department of TRaCS, Changi General Hospital was established to enhance workforce and community resilience through preventive education in mental health.

We support organisations and their employees to develop greater psychological resilience by empowering them through knowledge and skills; thus, promoting a culture of positive mental wellness in the workplace and community.

We are committed to:

  • Enhancing mental health literacy of individuals through organisations and the community
  • Partnering organisations to develop their ability to respond to critical incidents
  • Supporting organisations to better create a psychologically safe environment for their employees
  • Conducting research into improving the psychological resilience of individuals and organisations


Resilience in the Workplace and Community

  • Traumatic events, critical incidents and disasters are unpredictable. They cause disruption to business operations, social activities and can psychologically impact employees and the community.
  • To survive, rebound and thrive, businesses and communities need to develop their capability and capacity to be resilient, and continue to operate and function even during a crisis.
  • The Resistance, Resilience and Recovery model is an outcome-driven continuum of care recommended by John Hopkins Centre for Public Health Preparedness.
  • CGH TRaCS adopts the John Hopkins 3R recommendation to help our workforce and community by creating resistance, enhancing their resilience and speeding their recovery.