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Eat Well With CGH

Eat well to stay well. Specifically developed by our Dietetic & Food Services Department, these recipes have been put together with healthier ingredients and cooking methods, so people with common health conditions can enjoy their mealtimes at home. Click on the links below to view each recipe!

 Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

Tasty Eats

Avocado Prawn Skewers with Tomato Salsa

These low-calorie prawn skewers are almost effortless to prepare, and are high in taste while being low in calories. Guaranteed to be a hit during parties or special occasions!
Tasty Eats

Broccoli Buns

This is a creative way of introducing broccoli into one's diet. Serve these buns plain, or with a little unsalted butter.
Tasty Eats

Chicken and Asparagus Roll with Peanut Mayonnaise

Lean chicken breast is a good source of protein and great for anyone who can only eat protein without excess fat. These tasty, nutritious chicken and asparagus rolls prove that a low-fat dish need not compromise on taste!
Tasty Eats

Double Boiled Chicken with Pear

The addition of pear provides a sweet, refreshing tang to this soup, and is great for anyone who has problems chewing tougher foods.
Tasty Eats

Fragrant Spiced Chicken

As its name suggests, this aromatic dish is redolent with spices that complement the juicy tenderness of the chicken. With minimal fat content and cooking involved, it is a great dish for any occasion.
Tasty Eats

Guava Salad

Guava has a smooth, crunchy texture which goes will with the softer ingredients in this salad. High in fibre and low in fat and cholesterol. It is an ideal dish to serve for any occasion.
Tasty Eats

Orange Mousse

This light and refreshing dessert is redolent with the fragrance and tangy sweetness or oranges. Use only the freshest oranges of the best quality you can find to make this dessert worthwhile!
Tasty Eats

Seafood Dumplings in Bonito Broth

This delicious, warming soup features an innovative way of using cabbage as dumpling wrappers, making for a creative presentation!
Tasty Eats

Soy Milk Custard

Practically effortless to make, this delicious, lactose-free custard can be prepared under 30 minutes! Feel free to substitute the fruit toppings with other fruit.
Tasty Eats

Spicy Coriander and Parsley Chicken

This fragrant chicken dish is subtly flavoured with the refreshing zing of coriander and parsley. Omit bird's eye chilies for a non-spicy version.
Tasty Eats

Spicy Seafood Parcels

These crispy, lip-smacking treats are a unique way of serving otak otak, or steamed seafood mousse. Each parcel contains about 10g (1/3 oz) worth of carbohydrates, which is sufficient as a carbohydrate exchange.
Tasty Eats

Stewed Chicken with Bitter Gourd and Pumpkin

Bitter gourd and pumpkin make a surprisingly palatable combination in this quick, fuss-free dish.
Tasty Eats

Stuffed Mustard Green with Chicken Mix (Stuffed Mustard Boats)

A healthy dish which is easy to prepare, low in calories and fat but high in fibre. A creative way of introducing mustard green to one's diet.
Tasty Eats

Udon Aglio Olio

This noodle dish is chockfull of flavour, from the anchovies, prawns and vegetables, with a hint of spiciness. Serve as a one-dish meal, or as part of a main meal.
Tasty Eats

Vegetarian Foccacia

For those who love to eat bread, this is a lovely recipe to try as it is tasty and satisfying even eaten on its own. It is also high in fibre and cholesterol free.