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Caring from hospital to home

Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award for Enrolled Nurses 2022 finalist Nur Hidayah Binte Jelani shares how she juggles looking after her patients and family.

Since her teenage years, Senior Enrolled Nurse Nur Hidayah Binte Jelani, a finalist of the Tan Chin Tuan (TCT) Nursing Award for Enrolled Nurses 2022, had witnessed her grandmother’s struggles with dementia and mental health issues, and her subsequent hospitalisation at CGH.

“It was challenging to care for my grandmother because she had behavioural issues, but the nurses were patient and compassionate,” recalls Ms Hidayah. “That made an impression on me — so when the time came to choose my own career, I picked nursing, and the rest is history.”

She vividly recalls the first time she activated a code blue (an emergency situation where a patient experiences cardiac or respiratory arrest) and performed resuscitation during a night shift, and the first few times when she had to communicate with patients’ next-of-kin. These experiences pushed her as a young nurse to take ownership in deepening her knowledge of clinical processes.

Working in a geriatric ward brings a unique set of challenges — such as handling the grief when her patients pass on.

After forming bonds through caring for them, sharing stories, and understanding their habits and preferences, Ms Hidayah feels it the most when some of these patients pass on without family by their side.

A mother of two and caregiver to a grandparent with dementia, Ms Hidayah selflessly leads a life dedicated to the care of others. In her 13 years at CGH, Ms Hidayah has demonstrated strong commitment towards providing a high standard of care for patients. From checking on patients regularly and devising a reminder board to help ensure that nasogastric tube feeding timings are on schedule, her meticulous and proactive nature has won her numerous compliments from patients, caregivers and fellow colleagues alike. Despite having to juggle multiple responsibilities, Ms Hidayah affirms that caring for her patients at the geriatric ward is the favourite part of her work. “It is challenging, but also rewarding,” she says. “My patients really make my day, and I learn so much from them. Because of the nature of dementia, they are genuine in their responses, unreserved in their affections, and often generous in sharing life lessons.”

A recipient of the SingHealth Quality Service Gold Award in 2022 and Silver Award in 2019, Ms Hidayah was recognised as a finalist at the TCT Nursing Award for Enrolled Nurses 2022 for her outstanding professionalism and commitment to advancing the nursing profession. “I want to continue to advocate for my patients, keep going the extra mile for them, and journey with them through their recovery and discharge back home.”

Caring from hospital to home