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Issue 4

Caring Magazine

Leading with passion and heart

CGH Chief Nurse shares on her 30-year nursing journey
Caring Magazine

Nursing you to better health at the Caring General Hospital

Learn about the care and achievements of CGH nurses
Caring Magazine

When nurses make a difference

Six CGH nurses share why nursing is their calling
Caring Magazine

Commemorating commitment

Celebrating our tireless and dedicated heroes
Caring Magazine

A one-stop resource

Get quick information on autoimmune diseases from the SingHealth RheumConnect chatbot
Caring Magazine

Going beneath the surface

Living with psoriasis
Caring Magazine

Driving automation in and beyond healthcare

CGH invests in innovation to complement our care team
Caring Magazine

Thriving and flourishing

Strategies to enhance your physical and mental well-being
Caring Magazine

Leading AI and digitisation

Transforming healthcare through technology
Caring Magazine

Steadying the spin

Facts about chronic subjective dizziness