Sports Massage

Sports massage is suitable for anyone involved in physical activity. During training, body are in constant tension involving muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints which may potentially leads to injury and hamper performance. Before any major sporting event, you will be under physical, mental and emotional stresses. Pushing your body to its maximum potential leads to muscle tension, fatigue and build up of lactate in blood. 

Sports massage is anatomy-based and employs various massage techniques to release trigger points (knots), relieve delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), reduce muscle tightness, enhance recovery, and prevent injuries.

Sports massage assist circulation and tissue drainage, stretch muscle and fascia and soothe painful or sore areas. It is also used for reducing local swelling and loosening adhesions between tissues. In intense physical activity our body is subjected to insufficient oxygen supply to meet energetic demand that leads to over production of lactate acid in blood. Sports Massage helps to facilitate clearance of lactate from tissue by increasing lymphatic movement. 

Sports massage is often an integral part of recovery, injury prevention and injury management strategy; why wait until an injury occurs? Sports massage is performed by a sports massage therapist who has understanding of anatomy and physiology of human body in order to identify the type of technique to use for its utmost effect.