Sports Psychology

‚ÄčThe mind plays an extraordinary role in optimising performance.  Your mental approach to performance in life, sport, or work dictates your habits, which in turn create your performance.  Your thoughts and actions are dynamic, which means that they can be trained and maintained with the help of psychological skills and strategies. Sport psychology services at SSMC are provided by sport psychologists Dr Andrea Furst and Dr Jay-Lee Longbottom, the Singapore-based team of Mental Notes Consulting. 
Andrea and Jay-Lee are frequently required to apply the psychological principles into a variety of performance domains outside of sport, such as:
- school and university exam preparation and performance,
- work performance,  
- performance 'on stage' with performing artists, and
- general life performance.  
Individual consultations are provided at SSMC and the psychologists are also available for off-site presentations, workshops, and programs.
The psychologists at SSMC specialise in the following areas:
Athletic Performance Enhancement:  The integration of psychological skills into training and competitive performance to develop mentally tough competitors.
Health & Well-being:  The promotion of the mind-body awareness for peronal happiness, self-esteem, and self-control.   
Injury Rehabilitation: The management of psychosocial factors that influence physical injury and illness.
Team & Group Dynamics: The development of interpersonal skills and strategies to optimise team and group performance.
Corporate Performance Coaching: The application of sport and positive psychology principles to the business world.
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