Multi-disciplinary Weight Management

‚ÄčThis is based on the Changi Sports Medicine Centre's renowned and evidence-based weight management programme. Our six-month weight management programme comprises of 4 doctor consultations, 5 dietician consultations, and 14 supervised gym sessions. 

An individualised weight management programme based on our three pillars of dietary restriction, structured exercise, and incidental daily activities (as outlined in Dr Ben Tan's popular book, "Fight the Fat"), will be prescribed. 

Our Sports Physician will identify any medical causes of your weight gain or weight loss as well as associated conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem and pre-existing injuries. Based on your assessment the Sports Physician will prescribe a tailored exercise program to help you burn calories safely and effectively. 

Our dietician will assist you in filling up your three-day food record. A computer analysis will give you a picture of your current calorie intake and breakdown. Meal plans will be drawn up to help you achieve an individually prescribed daily calorie intake. We will empower you with dietary knowledge so that eventually you can take charge of your own dietary plan. 

Your personal sports trainer will conduct the supervised gym sessions. She will implement an individually tailored exercise prescription from the sports physician. The sessions will be conducted at our Centre's gym specially equipped for cross training to avoid overuse injuries. Blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar level monitoring are also available. 

By the end of the six-month weight management program, you should be accustomed to a healthy balance diet, comfortable exercise routine and behavioral modification in your daily activity. Ultimately you will take charge of your own diet and training program thus ensuring long-term success in maintaining your ideal weight.