Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy is an evidence-based discipline that offers evaluation, prevention and rehabilitation/treatment of sports injuries, and it also focuses on performance enhancement.

Whether you are a competitive athlete, exercise recreationally or want to kick start an active healthy lifestyle, our team of physiotherapists will see to your needs. An experienced team of Sports Physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants stay up-to date on the latest evidence based therapy practices and techniques to speed up patient's recovery and help achieve their functional goals.

Sports physiotherapy techniques involve hands on, individualized, manual therapy, electrotherapy modalities, rehabilitation exercises and education. Rehabilitation exercises are an important tool for injury management, and comprise of targeted stretches, strengthening, agility, coordination, and balance exercises. Clinical pilates and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques are also amongst the repertoire of therapeutic exercises utilised by our therapists. 

Sports physiotherapy services include:

  • Injury management and rehabilitation
  • Post – surgical management and rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention/education programs
  • Biomechanical analysis to correct posture, gait and sport specific technique
  • Individually tailored exercise therapy to improve flexibility, strength and coordination
  • Clinical pilates for injury management/prevention​