Sports Podiatry


It is estimated that the average person walks about 1500 miles a year yet our feet are often the most neglected part of our bodies. While they may not require constant minding, from time to time issues may arise that require the help of a podiatrist.


Our podiatrists offer non-surgical treatments for many complaints such as: 

• Foot pain that is affecting the way you walk or is preventing you from taking part in sports or activities 

• Ankle or knee pain 

• Foot deformities such as flat feet, high arched feet, or bunions 

• Painful corns, calluses or verruca pedis (warts) 

• Recurrent thick, deformed or ingrown toe nails 

• Wounds on the foot that do not heal 

• Issues with sensation and blood circulation in the feet 


Whatever your foot-related issue, our podiatrists can treat the conditions and can also advise you on how best to manage them effectively on your own. 

For diabetic patients it is especially important to have small foot related problems dealt as soon as possible by a podiatrist. We also advise yearly foot screening to prevent and serious issues. For those patients with wounds, diabetic or otherwise, our podiatrists have a wealth of experience treating lower limb wounds and are dedicated to helping patients reduce the risk of further compactions. We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments in wound care so that we can offer the safest and fastest route to wound healing for our patients.



If you are suffering from foot, ankle or knee pain our podiatrists can help. Internationally trained, with many years of experience in hospitals and polyclinics in Singapore, we work closely with prominent doctors and surgeons to provide patients with in non-invasive, non-surgical treatment options.


Whether you have an injury or an ongoing condition such as arthritis that is causing pain or discomfort, our podiatrists can offer advice and treatment options that will put you on the road to recovery. 

The list below outlines some of the conditions commonly treated by podiatrists: 

• Muscle strain & pain 

• Ankle strains and sprains 

• Painful pes planus/flat foot 

• Toeing in or out 

• Painful pes cavus/high arch foot 

• Plantar fasciitis 

• Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction 

• Peroneal tendonitis 

• Ligament issues 

• Plantar plate ruptures 

• Bunions 

• Toe deformities 

• Arthritic Conditions of the foot, ankle & knee 

• Painful knock knees or bowed legs 

• Runner's knee 

• Knee sprain & strain 

• Osgood-Shalatter Disease 

• Knee tendonitis 

• Meniscus injuries 

All too often people tend to ignore foot ankle and knee pain. Many will also try to fix their problems by self-treating. In our experience this can cause more pain and, furthermore, delaying treatment can increase the severity of the injury and reduce the chance of full recovery.



Our team have years of experience treating patients who are involved in sports. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who participates in sports recreationally, we can help you. 

The vast majority of sports involve the use of the lower limbs and can leave athletes particularly susceptible to injury. Our Sports Podiatrists work closely with Singapore's most prominent Sports Physicians. They will assess your lower limb biomechanics and any mal-alignment to establish how these may contribute to your injury. The muscles and joints of the lower limb are assessed, as is your footwear and your walking and running gait.


Many of our patients are required to go barefoot or wear a lightweight shoes when participating in sports. Sports people such as gymnasts, dancers' fencers and footballers often test their feet to extreme levels. We provide sports people with specific information that will equip them with the skills to reduce stress on the lower limb so that they can carry out their chosen sport. 

Our Sports Podiatrists can match you're foot type to the sports shoe that is right for the sport that you are participating in. They will be able to advise you on exercises that will help manage you're condition. Sports people often benefit from taping as it can provide support and reduce pain levels. Our podiatrists can show you how to tape your foot or ankle. They may also prescribe orthotics that will help improve your biomechanics. These devices range from simple padding and wedging to carefully designed custom orthotics made with 3D technology. Whatever your condition our therapies are tailor made and specifically designed to get you back to performing at your optimum level with maximum comfort.



As your children grow they become more and more active. Their bodies are developing and it is not unusual children to experience pain in their feet and ankles. Many begin to participate in sports that can also give rise to foot pain and a whole range of foot problems.


It can be difficult for parents to know what aches and pains are part of the growing process and what is normal. You should seek professional foot care advice from a qualified podiatrist if you notice your child is: 

• Walking on tip toes 

• Walking with his/her toes pointing outwards or inwards 

• Complaining of persistent pain in his/her feet or experiencing excessive tiredness in the legs and feet 

You should also seek advice if you child suffers from: 

• Painful, hard skin 

• Verrucae pedis (warts) 

• Corns 

• Athletes foot (fungal infection) 

• Ingrown toenails 

Our podiatrists can advise on stretching or strengthening exercises for your child and provide footwear advice. For children in sports our podiatrist may teach both the parents and children how to tape the foot to provide support and reduce pain levels. Orthotics may also be prescribed to support the arch of the foot or realign the foot position.



• Our podiatrist will take your full medical history including symptoms of your current foot complaint 

• For those with foot pain a thorough assessment including checking of alignment, joint movement, bone, muscle and soft tissue of the foot, leg, back and sometimes up to the spine 

• We will assess you when sitting and standing as well as a video gait analysis using our motion capture systems, Simimove or Siliconcoach 

• The cause of your foot problem will be explained to you and the treatment options and plan will be discussed 

• Our podiatrist will be able to explain all of their findings clearly. Once we have determined if there is an issue and what the cause is we  will set out a treatment plan to get you back on track 

• Our podiatrists are up to date with what is out there in terms of footwear and will be able to advise you on fashion forward options 

• We are also well versed on sports footwear and we will be able to match your foot type to the right sports shoe 

• Ingrown toe nails, corns and calluses can also be removed while causing the least amount of discomfort possible



• Referral letter from your physician (if any) 

• Medical reports related to the foot complaint, e.g. x-rays, MRI, blood tests etc 

• Your footwear, e.g. home, work, sports, casual shoes 

• Appropriate clothing to allow examination of the lower limb, e.g. shorts, tights 

You may also be required to walk or run on a treadmill and be analyzed on video, so please come prepared.