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Peritoneal based Malignancies

Peritoneal based Malignancies - Post-surgery care

As CRS and HIPEC are major procedures, post-surgery recovery has a number of different components. 

Some patients who undergo CRS will need a temporary stoma (a surgically created opening on the surface of the abdomen to divert the flow of faeces into a disposable bag worn over the stoma). The stoma allows the bowel to heal after surgery. This will be reversed after 2 months’ post-surgery, after discussion with the surgeon and medical oncologist. All patients are seen by specialist stoma nurses before and after the operation, who provide information about stoma care. 

After recovering from surgery, you will be given regular outpatient appointments to see your team of doctors. These visits may include blood tests and scans to monitor and check if the cancer recurs. It is important to follow your doctor's advice, keep to scheduled clinic visits and do the prescribed tests so that timely treatment can be administered if the cancer or other problems arise.
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