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MHFA (Singapore) Executive Committee (MEC)

The role of MEC is to develop and regulate all MHFA(S) activities to ensure compliance to the License Agreement with MHFA Australia.   Hence the key responsibilities of MEC are to:

-   Continue to improve mental health literacy

-   Enforce copyright issues on MHFA(S) materials

-   Oversee the development of new courses/revision of existing materials

-   Oversee the training according to the standards set


Members of MECMembership to the Committee is by invitation from incumbent MEC members. All members are to carry out their duties as directed and agreed upon by MEC. The pre-requisites to becoming a member of MEC are as follows: must be a certified trainer for the MHFA(S) TTI programme or specific modules & the status of instructor must be in good standing. MEC members are appointed for a period of two (2) years, subject to renewal via votes from MEC members
ChairpersonProvides direction for developing MHFA(S) & ensure sustainability of all MHFA(S) related activities.
DY ChairpersonTo assist Chairperson to oversee MHFA(S) programs & stand-in for Chairperson when necessary.
Programme ManagerThis member must be a CGH employee as MHFA(S) is under the auspices of CGH. The PM will facilitate the group of Clinical Experts, Program Development and Standards & Accreditation.
The key roles of PM are to liaise with MHFA (Australia), MHFA (International) and MHFA(S) Instructors with respect to training matters, updates etc, and, be actively involved in representing MHFA(S) with respect to Standards & Accreditation.
Secretariat/ Admin AdvisorThe role is to support Chairperson & Dy Chairperson in minutes of meetings and provide administrative inputs and advise with respect to funding, logistics etc where relevant.
Clinical Expert & Program Development GroupsMembers in the Program Development group will help to contextualize and develop new MHFA teaching materials for the target audience as the Clinical Experts members develop the clinical materials and ensure that both the teaching and participants materials are evidence-based. Hence these two groups work in tandem in the development of new MHFA programs.
Standards & Accreditation Group

·         Review teaching and TTI materials, publications and videos

·         Collaborate with specific program developers on TTI requirements and contents

·         Establish pre-requisites criteria for TTI trainers

·         Ensure standards & quality of certifying new instructors or re-certification program

·         Investigate and recommend non-complying instructors to MEC for disciplinary action

Advisory GroupAppointed by MEC, these Honorary roles are to contribute relevant subject-matter expertise and advice MEC & various groups where required.



Organizational Structure of MEC

 mec pic.jpg

MEC Members

Chairperson: Dr Angelina Chan
Dy Chairperson: Dr Wong Hon Khuan
Program Manager: Lim Kok Peng
Secretariats: Aradhana Gulati,

Dr Donald Yeo, 
Jeannie Koh, 
Teo Yan Wen, 
Teresa Moh
Advisory Group: 
Dr Bi Bi Jan, 
Dr Chia Boon Hock, 
Dr Ng Li Ling, 
Chamb Cherk Ing, 
Joachim Lee, 
Patricia Lim