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Counselling Services

Challenges and stresses are part and parcel of our everyday life. When the reactions to stress affects one’s daily functioning for an extended period, it may take a toll on one’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

At the Department of TRaCS, we believe that given the appropriate support, everyone has the capacity to achieve a healthy balance in managing mental wellbeing and personal challenges (eg: relationship conflicts, parenting issues, workplace stress, traumatic incidents, grief and loss). A proactive approach to seeking help increases one’s ability to cope and build mental resilience. 

TRaCS Counselling Service offers organisations and individuals counselling consultations where all information shared is kept strictly confidential. The services can be customised to each organisation and individual’s needs.

For Individuals:

Our Counselling Service offers an integrated approach to support individuals. Our team of trained counsellors strive to aid patients' recovery, and improve functional ability in work, leisure and self-care.

Counselling services are by appointment only. We require a medical referral from patients who wish to use our services.

For more information on our counselling services and appointment making, please email us at

In addition, assistance for  psychosocial related issues (such as care and discharge planning, financial issues, information and referral for community-based support) will be rendered by our social workers if required by patients and their families.


For Organisations:

Employee Counselling Service (ECS) is a benefit that can be provided by organisations to give their employees access to counselling services outside the workplace It is an annual retainer service that consists of a fixed number of face-to-face sessions for employees to seek professional psychological assistance for work related and personal issues.


The Employee Counselling Service is provided by counsellors from TRaCS.

Mode of Delivery

  • Face to face

For more information on Employee Counselling Services for your organisation, please drop us an email  at with your name, contact number and organisation name. We aim to respond to your query within 3 working days.