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Coping With COVID-19

Care Series

We have developed a series of self-care and team care resources to provide individuals with resilience building activities and strategies that can be practiced during this difficult period. Stay strong, Stay well! #SGUnited #CopingwithCOVID19



Thriving While Working From Home

Working from home for a prolonged and uncertain duration can be a new and challenging experience. It requires a change in routines, perspectives and attitude.We hope this guide provides you space to enhance your resilience skills enabling you to thrive.


Thriving While Working From Home.pdf

Essential Self-Care For Essential Work

The additional hours and expectations during this period may increase stress and pressure on each of us. We hope this guide helps you to reflect and care for your mental well-being.


Essential Self-Care for Essential Work.png

​Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind

Complying with social distancing orders may lead to anxieties about your health and loved ones. We hope this guide helps you explore different coping strategies to improve your mental well-being.



Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind.pdf

Rising With G.R.I.T.

Feeling a little anxious?

It is normal to feel anxious especially before a life changing event or during a difficult situation.

G.R.I.T. might help in exercising your resilience muscle! 

​Click on the image to watch the video


Self-Care for Seniors at Work

For Seniors, COVID-19 brings about a unique set of stressors and worries. This guide highlights the impact of COVID-19 on their mental well-being and some recommended self-care strategies.


Self-Care for Seniors At Work.PNG

Self-Care for Seniors At Work.pdf​

 Recognising Languish

When we continue to make adjustments and adapt to our current situation and there does not seem to be any end in sight, it might lead to a state of languish. Explore how languishing may be experienced and the possible strategies you can adapt to cope. 

Recognising Languishing.pdf


[Team Care]

Easing Into Phase 1:Safe Re-opening

As we ease into Phase 1 of Safe Re-opening, it is a good time to address our mental well-being at work. We hope the guide provides awareness of possible reactions you might experience in Phase 1 and practical considerations that you can be empowered in response to the possible reactions.

 Team Care - Easing Into Phase 1.png

Easing Into Phase 1 Safe Re-opening.pdf

Looking Out for One Another

Due to the fast moving nature of our work, we may feel ill-prepared to assist colleagues who are experiencing distress. In this guide, you will learn essential skills to prepare you in gaining familarity and confidence in reaching out to a colleague in distress.

Team Care - Looking Out for One Another.PNG 

Reaching Out While Out of Sight

While we are accustomed to being physically present when assisting a colleague in distress, we may now have to explore and be open to alternative forms of providing emotional support. We hope the practical tips in this guide will help you to support your colleague through video or phone calls.

 Reaching Out While Out of Sight.PNG

Reaching Out While Out of Sight.pdf


​If you have used these resources, we would love to hear more from you.
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