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The ReXilience Network

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ReXilience Singapore Programme Overview:


The ReXilience (Singapore) programme encompasses resilience training courses based on available best practices and evidenced-informed models that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

It is focused on strengthening emotional resistance and resilience based on 3 key principles:

1. Raising awareness of the importance of emotional well-being 

2. Equipping employees with knowledge and skills to thrive 

3. Engaging organisation's leadership in supporting resilience building initiatives 

With greater resistance and resilience, individuals and organisations will not only be able to cope successfully under significant change, adversity or risk but also thrive and be future-ready for what's to come.

The ReXilience (Singapore) programme features training courses that are targeted to develop the skills of employees at both personal and organisational levels. Each training course includes instruction, simulation and practice. This combination of lectures and experiential learning through role plays creates a theory-to-practice methodology that ensures participants are able to apply what they have learnt. 

The tools include a well-structured, step-by-step approach that equips individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills to build resilience and thrive, and to provide emotional support to others when needed.