Published in Mar 2021

Singapore has established a standardized Robotic Middleware for all Public Healthcare Institutions (PHIs). As institutions look to cater for healthcare needs of the future, smart technologies such as robotics and IoT devices have a growing presence in care settings to complement and transform the daily work of clinical and operations professionals. Inter-operability will be paramount to ensure timely information flows across systems and people, such that resources are optimally made available throughout the hospital campus, and for prompt decision-making.

The Centre for Healthcare Assistive & Robotics Technology (CHART) together with our partners have developed the Robotics Middleware Framework for Healthcare (RoMi-H), which will allow the integration of diverse systems and devices. This platform will be deployed for business partners to accelerate software, robotics development and adoption in the healthcare sector as it provides standardization and code-reusability for an integrated and seamless approach for deployment. Integration of robotics, software and IoT systems tested and subsequently deployed in Public Healthcare will communicate via RoMi-H.

The integration via RoMi-H is to be undertaken by an empaneled System Integrator(SI) who is certified to be capable of doing so. The RoMi-H empanelment is conducted every 6 months. Empaneled SI will be included in the list which will be published on CHART website. This will allow potential vendors to contact empaneled SI for participating in RFP(s).

Vendors interested  to register for RoMi-H empaneled System Integrator (SI) assessment can email to chart@cgh.com.sg for more information.

The following vendors are qualified as an Empaneled System Integrator (SI):

HOPE Technik Pte Ltd
Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd
Open Source Robotics Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd
Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Intrasys Pte Ltd
NCS Pte Ltd

Updated as of 11 May 2021

For contact details to the above empaneled SI, please contact chart@cgh.com.sg