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Visiting Hours & Guidelines 

At Changi General Hospital, we recognise that visitors are important to the healing process for our patients. The following guidelines have been established to encourage visitors, while giving our patients time to rest and recover. We seek your cooperation to follow these guidelines because we care for our patients.

Visiting Hours

We encourage our patients’ friends and family members to visit them during their stay with us. However, we request that visitors observe our visiting hours strictly.

Visiting hours are from:

Mon - Fri: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm

After visiting hours, visitors will be asked to leave the wards, and all the wards’ doors will be locked.

Visiting Guidelines

  • All visitors to the ward have to register before they enter.
  • Coordinate with other visitors so that there are no more than four visitors at the patient’s bedside at a time.
  • Keep visits short as our patients need more rest to recover.
  • If treatment is required for the patient, our staff may ask visitors to leave.
  • Children under 7 years old are discouraged from visiting for health reasons. If visiting patients, they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • People who are feeling unwell should not visit patients.
  • Be considerate and keep noise level down. Noise is a source of stress which interrupts patients’ sleep and rest. 
  • Respect the neighbouring patients’ need for quiet and privacy in a shared room or open ward.
  • Refrain from eating by the patients’ bedside to reduce infection, and to ensure that the environment is clean and comfortable for our patients to rest in.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, or sanitise your hands with alcohol rub before and after visiting the patient. (Hand hygiene is important. Learn how to wash your hands – link)
  • Switch your mobile phone to “SILENT” mode, and speak softly on the phone to avoid disturbing patients. In the ICU, mobile phones are not allowed to be used within 2 metres of any medical equipment.
  • Smoking or drinking of alcohol is not allowed in any area of the hospital premises.

Policy on Personal Belongings

Patients and visitors are responsible for all their own personal belongings and valuables. CGH does not accept responsibility for the loss of any personal items, including but not limited to cash, jewellery, clothing, spectacles, dentures, hearing aids, mobile phones, or other personal articles, on our premises unless they are placed in our safe or given to us for safekeeping.

To avoid property loss, we recommend patients to bring only essential items to the hospital, such as a list of medications that they are taking, and simple toiletries.


Valuables safe-kept by the hospital

Patients are advised to send their valuables such as jewellery, credit cards, keys, wallets / handbags, and cash home. If need to, keep only a small amount of money in the room to pay for small purchases.

If this is not possible, our nurses will help to safe-keep the items, which will be sealed in an envelope and locked, during the patient’s stay with us. These valuables will be listed in a form, which will then be signed by the patient, the nurse who locks up the valuables, and another nurse who acts as a witness.

The valuables will be returned to patients upon their discharge and / or request by their next-of-kin (NOK).

Valuables kept by patients

Patients should inform our nurses if they are retaining the use of valuables such as spectacles, dentures, hearing aids and mobile phones. To prevent loss or damage to these valuables, patients are advised not to leave these items unattended / unprotected on meal tray, bed, bedside, locker, shower room, and any places where they may be lost or accidentally thrown out.

CGH will not accept responsibility for replacing lost or misplaced items that are kept and used by patients during their stay with us.