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Eye (Ophthalmology) 

The Division of Ophthalmology at Changi General Hospital, Singapore provides both basic and specialised eye care services. Our consultants in various subspecialties in ophthalmology provide specialised treatments to patients (except children under 6 years old) with a wide variety of eye problems.

Our eye doctors are from the Singapore National Eye Centre. We have specialised equipment for argon laser treatment of diabetic eye diseases, and computerised visual field analysers for the assessment of glaucoma. Qualified optometrists help in the prescription of glasses for both adults and children. All surgeries are conducted at our 22-bed Day Surgery Suite. Over 90% of the eye surgeries do not require hospital admission.

Services provided by our ophthalmologists include:

  • General screening for common eye problems
    e.g. deterioration or loss of vision, eye pain, red eye, watery eyes or excessive tearing, eye discharge
  • Assessment of fitness to drive
  • Cataract removal / cataract surgery and intraocular lens implant
  • Glaucoma: diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Diagnosis and treatment of patients with ophthalmic / eye / vision problems arising from neurological diseases or neurosurgical conditions
  • Treatment of patients with vitreo-retinal disease
    eg. retinal detachments or tears, diabetic retinopathy, eye cancer, flashes and floaters, etc.
  • 24-hour emergency eye specialist service in the Accident & Emergency Department for treatment of acute eye trauma and other emergencies.

The Specialist Eye Clinic is located at Level 1 Wards Block at Specialist Clinic S & T.


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