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Selection of Health Talk Topics 

General Health Talk Topics

  1. Back & Neck Care
  2. Beauty - Skin Deep or Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder?
  3. Building Strong Families - Handling Family Discord
  4. Diet for Cholesterol Management
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Exercise & Osteoporosis
  7. Exercise Talk for Busy Executives
  8. Gastrointestinal Woes
  9. Low Calorie Meal Planning
  10. Managing Hypertension with a Healthy Diet
  11. Managing Common Sports Injuries
  12. Nutrition & Diet Plan
  13. Nutrition for Active Individuals
  14. Nutrition Throughout the Years
  15. Prevention & Care of Hepatitis B
  16. Preventing Diabetes
  17. Sleep Disorder
  18. Smoking Cessation
  19. Supplements - Are they useful?
  20. Sweet Tips for People with Diabetes
  21. Trans Fat
  22. Urinary Incontinence
  23. Vitamins & Organic Food
  24. Voice Care
  25. Walking Straight & Keeping Your Back Upright
  26. Weight Management

Mental Health Talk Topics

  1. Anger & Conflict Management
  2. Anxiety
  3. Building Resilience in Coping with Stress
  4. Coping with Insomnia
  5. Depression
  6. Stress Arising from a Traumatic Experience
  7. Stress Management


Back & Neck Care

  • Anatomy
  • Causes of neck and back pain
  • Predisposing factors: Office ergonomics (lighting, desktops, computers)
  • Common symptoms of neck and back pain
  • Management and prevention of neck and back pain
  • Exercises for neck and back pain

Beauty - Skin Deep or Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder?

In these modern times, many are seeking to look beautiful and bring out the charisma of each individual. This presentation focuses on the aspects of comestic surgery involving different parts of the face to enhance the attractiveness of the face.

Building Strong Families - Handling Family Discord

  • Types of family conflict
  • Common causes of family conflict
  • When cracks show: Dealing with conflict
  • Bonding with your family
In these modern times, many things compete for our time and attention - career, finances, leisure, children, etc. What place does our family take in the overall scheme of our lives? What are the stresses and strains that can affect our family life? What can we do when there is conflict? How can we prevent problems and respond to them early? This talk will cover stresses on the family over the lifespan - from young couples, to families with children, to problems affecting the elderly - and tips on how to strengthen the family.

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Diet for Cholesterol Management

High cholesterol is a very common ailment in Singapore. It is characterised by excess of fatty substances in the blood and is known to be a risk factor in the development of Coronary Heart Disease. This talk gives an overview of what you should know about the high cholesterol levels and dietary tips to help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.
  • Overview of Cholesterol
  • Understanding blood cholesterol levels
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease with special emphasis on food
  • Foods high in saturated and unsaturated fats - healthier choices
  • Cholesterol content of foods
  • Eating habits to lower cholesterol
  • Healthier cooking methods & tips on reading food labels
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Introduction to Ergonomics -
Singapore standards in Office Ergonomics and Manual Handling Provides a brief overview of the aims and objectives of ergonomics; how it helps to minimise / prevent work-related cumulative trauma disorders and its contribution to workplace health.

Cumulative Trauma Disorders & Their Risk Factors -
Identifying common risk factors in computer workstation and manual handling Discusses some of the common work-related musculoskeletal conditions and the main risk factors that bring about these injuries.

Prevention and Management -
Outlines strategies that the individual worker can undertake to prevent/minimise their risk of developing work-related cumulative trauma disorders, with a focus on correct postures, manual handling, and proper workstation set-up.

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Exercise & Osteoporosis

There is an increasing prevalence of osteoporosis, especially in developed countries. Osteoporosis presents significant health risks like fractures which, in turn, may lead to further complications in the elderly. This talk describes a simple exercise programme that women should embark on to prevent osteoporosis.

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Exercise Talk for Busy Executives

  • How to start an exercise programme (individual without medical conditions)
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Exercise your heart
  • Motivation in exercising
  • Injury-free exercises
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Gastrointestinal Woes

  • Types of gastrointestinal woes
  • Symptoms of gastrointestinal woes (diarrhoea, constipation, cramps, vomitting & weight loss)
  • Treatment and management
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Low Calorie Meal Planning

This talk is part of a series of talks on weight management and aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of planning meals for weight control. Now you can eat wisely and lose weight.
  • Healthy diet
  • Meal planning, portion size & healthier choices
  • Fad diet: facts from myths
  • Personal goal setting: cutting back on calories
  • BMI, Waist hip ratio, ideal body weight
  • Personal meal planning
  • Learn about calorie content of food
  • Prepare quick meals on the go
  • Healthier choices of food / healthy eating out
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Managing Hypertension with a Healthy Diet

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, refers to a condition in which the blood is pumped around the body at too high a pressure. According to the National Health Survey 2004, 20.1% of Singaporeans aged 18 to 69, had hypertension. Our speaker will tell you how to adopt a healthy, low salt and low fat diet and start controlling high blood pressure right now.
  • Overview of hypertension
  • Healthy diet in lowering blood pressure
  • Sources of sodium in food
  • Tips on lowering sodium intake
  • Calcium, potassium and magnesium in blood pressure control
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Managing Common Sports Injuries

  • Recognition of common sports injuries
  • Treatment techniques
  • Prevention strategies
Increased physical activity brings with it much health and other benefits. Unfortunately injuries do occur occasionally. The detrimental effects of many injuries can be minimized if we know how to manage them quickly and effectively. The talk covers the common injuries that are sustained in active individuals and how they are managed or prevented.

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Nutrition & Diet Plan

  • Dietary guidelines for Singaporeans
  • Nutritional values of food
  • Recommended daily intake for different age groups
  • Activity: Meal planning for different age groups
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Nutrition for Active Individuals

Eating is a “hobby” for many Singaporeans but are we eating correctly?
Eating the right foods and in sufficient quantity is necessary to maintain good nutritional status and therefore good health. However, exercise is also important; in fact diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. Individuals who are physically active have special needs. The talk covers practical pointers on how and what one should eat to improve the results of his or her exercise program.

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Nutrition Throughout the Years

This series of talks brings the audience throughout the life cycle and highlights nutritional issues that we may face, from our youth to the twilight years. This talk aims to explore our changing relationship with food at each stage of life and how sensible nutrition is an integral part of a happy, healthy life.
(i) Nutrition in Youth
  • Why a healthy diet is important
  • What should a young person eat?
  • Eating out
  • Label reading
(ii) Healthy Eating in Adulthood
  • Common diseases related to diet
  • Dietary guidelines for Singaporeans
  • Calorie values of common hawker foods
  • Recommended daily intake for different age groups
(iii) Healthy Eating, Healthy Aging
  • The importance of nutrition in the elderly
  • Physiological changes that affect nutrition
  • Special nutritional needs in this age group
  • Useful tips to ensure good nutrition
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Prevention & Care of Hepatitis B

  • What is Hepatitis B?
  • How is Hepatitis B infection transmitted?
  • Am I at risk and where can I go for screening or treatment?
  • How common is it in Singapore?
  • What are the complications of Hepatitis B infection?
  • Can Hepatitis B infection be prevented?
  • What is the cost and risks of treatment?
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Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes is getting more prevalent throughout the whole world. One in ten people in Singapore are affected and the risk is especially high in some families. The talk will help all Singaporeans understand more about their risk of developing diabetes is, and what can be done to help prevent it. It also covers high risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol and why they seemed to be linked with diabetes.

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Sexual Health

What is “Sexual Health”? What are the types of sexual dysfunction conditions? The talk will focus on sexual dysfunction conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and female sexual dysfunction and also the various treatments available – including non-surgical as well as surgical treatments.

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Sleep Disorder

  • Symptoms of sleep disorders
  • Types of sleep disorders
  • Common sleep disorders in the community
  • Causes of obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea
  • Diagnosis of sleep aponea
  • Medical management of sleep aponea
  • Brief medical management of other sleep disorders
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Smoking Cessation

We need to differentiate between facts and myths of smoking. Too often we claim that it is impossible to quit because of all sorts of reasons. We can choose to change ourselves from a smoker to a winner. The talk will also help to recognize the dangers of smoking and how our smoking harms the people around us. Find out what type of smokers we are and learn how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms upon quitting as well as the various methods of quitting and how these can help us to achieve our objective of being a winner!

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Supplements - Are they useful?

Many dietary supplements are strongly marketed, and it is common to hear or read of spectacular claims. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the layperson to differentiate fact from fiction. This talk explains simply how our body deals with the food we ingest, and describes situations when supplements are necessary or redundant. The common supplements are described, and the claims are discussed along with scientific evidence of the efficacy of each supplement.

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Sweet Tips for People with Diabetes

Life can still be sweet with diabetes – it just requires a little perseverance and sound nutritional knowledge. Our speaker will speak about controlling diabetes with diet and explain how to get to the best nutrition while maintaining a health blood sugar.
  • Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus
  • Dietary guidelines for those with diabetes
  • Carbohydrate exchanges
  • Managing diabetes during the festive season
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Trans Fat

  • Differentiate the different types of fats and the dietary sources of fats
  • Understand the evidence behind trans fat
  • Recommended daily allowance (RDA) for various types of fat
  • Understand the principles of a balanced diet
  • Read and interpret nutrition labels on various food products
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Urinary Incontinence

  • What is urinary incontinence?
  • What are the causes and types of urinary incontinence?
  • How is incontinence evaluated?
  • How is incontinence treated?
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Vitamins & Organic Food

  • Overview on the different types of vitamins
  • The A to Zs of vitamins
  • Requirement levels of vitamins
  • Understanding the effects of deficiency of vitamins
  • What is organic food?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of organic food
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Voice Care

  • Structure and function of the larynx / voice box
  • Voice production
  • Common diseases of the larynx
  • Surgery of the voice box
  • Voice care
  • Avoidance of voice damage
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Walking Straight & Keeping Your Back Upright

Walk straight. Stand tall. Keep your back straight. These are fundamentals to a healthy pain-free back. Learn the secrets to keeping your back straight and getting rid of your back pain. Learn how to move your back in a safe and pain-free way.
  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of the Spine
  • Causes of Back Pain
  • Management of Back Pain – Medical/Self
  • Key Prevention of Back Pain (posture, ergonomics, exercises)
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Weight Management

Obesity is on the rise, along with its related health problems like hypertension and diabetes. There are many seeking to lose weight for health and aesthetic reasons, perhaps prompting the rise in advertisements of slimming programs, pills, and diets. Unfortunately, false claims are common, along with practices that are either ineffective or dangerous. This talk clears the misconceptions and false beliefs, and it describes an evidence-based, scientific, effective, proven and safe approach to losing weight. The talk will also focus on the numerous benefits related to regular exercise, including reduced risk of the lifestyle diseases, improved functional capacity, reduced stress, and a general sense of well-being.

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 Anger & Conflict Management

  • Understanding the phenomena of anger
  • What happens when we get angry?
  • What are the personal costs and the effects of anger that affects people around me?
  • Controlling your physiology
  • Managing your thoughts
  • Effective communication
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  • Anxiety versus anxiety disorders
  • What are the common anxiety disorders?
  • Symptoms of anxiety
  • What are the causes of anxiety disorders?
  • How can anxiety disorders be treated?
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Building Resilience in Coping with Stress

  • What is Resiliency?
  • What are the different aspects of resiliency?
  • Relationship of stress management and resiliency?
  • Steps to better manage stress
  • A short relaxation
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Coping with Insomnia

  • What is Insomnia?
  • Different types of Insomnia
  • Common casues and consequences of Insomnia
  • What can we do about Insomnia?
  • Tips to sleeping well
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  • What is depression?
  • Types of depression
  • Symptoms of depression
  • What causes depression?
  • How to help yourself?
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Stress Arising from a Traumatic Experience

  • What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
  • Diagnosis and symptoms
  • Prevalence of PTSD
  • Treatment
  • What can you do to help yourself?
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Stress Management

The style of the presentation will be a lecture cum demonstration session on the relaxation techniques with questions and answers session available at the end of the talk.
  • Definition of stress
  • Identification of stress triggers in lives
  • Positive and negative effect of stress
  • Relaxation techniques for stress management
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